Cause a breakthrough in
your leadership in 2024.



3 intensive sessions starting early 2024



A new future for your leadership



Go beyond your limiting patterns



Deliver extraordinary results that matter

Session #1
23rd–24th January
Preparing for breakthrough

Explore the power of context and gain insights into how we think, equipping you with the mindset to achieve extraordinary breakthroughs.

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Session #2
19th–20th March
Creating my leadership

Identify your productive and counterproductive behaviours when leading others. Build on your strengths to envision a fresh approach for your leadership.

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Session #3
7th–8th May
for success

Learn how to engage others powerfully. Discover strategies to be resilient and successful in the face of any problem. Experience personal growth, strengthened relationships and enhanced trust with your colleagues.

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What participants will gain in a nutshell:

  • A bold personal vision for the future
  • Transformative insights to develop an effective leadership style
  • The capacity to lead through difficult situations
  • An enhanced ability to listen and influence others
  • The ability to coach others


  • Who is this programme for?

    Managers and leaders committed to taking their leadership to the next level. If you’re up for causing results that go beyond what you know how to accomplish, this programme is for you. You’ll commit to a ‘Breakthrough Project’ that you’ll design as part of the programme.

  • What is your approach?

    As a participant, you’ll ask yourself powerful, revelatory questions that provide you with irrevocable insights into who you are as a leader, how you listen and how you limit what you see as possible. Our approach is truly transformational by inviting you first to analyse, then reconstruct, aspects of your belief systems and identities to accommodate a new vision for how you’ll lead.

  • How many people do you typically take on a programme?

    We tend to work with groups of twelve to sixteen people in a single cohort, coming from a range of companies.

  • How does it work?

    The sessions will be held in a beautiful location in central London. Lunch and snacks during the day will be included. Sessions will run 9am to 5pm. Breakfast, evening meals and accommodation are not included.

  • What is the cost?

    Our standard participant fee is £10k + VAT. We are open to making concessions for non-profit organisations.

  • Where is the programme based?

    We will base ourselves in a peaceful venue near London where we stay together for 2 days and use both the days and evenings to enquire, reflect and explore leadership.

  • Can I join online?

    This programme is designed as a deep interactive enquiry that we undertake together that is most powerful when done in close-knit group. Hence we only accept participants that are able to join in person.

  • Will I also get one-to-one coaching?

    Yes, we will provide a one-to-one online coaching session between each session, plus a series of online clinics throughout the programme. Additional one-to-one coaching will be available on demand.

  • What is the seniority of people who attend?

    Participants are typically senior leaders in organisations. However, if you’re a high-potential individual seeking rapid further development, this programme is for you.

  • Do you have a programme for teams?

    We provide team sessions as part of Leadership Development Programme. You can learn more here.


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