A programme to transform leadership performance

Transform your organisation with a bespoke programme that achieves breakthrough results in just three months.

Tackle your most complex leadership challenges

Navigating business transformation poses an ongoing challenge for many organisations.


of employees think leadership is poor at explaining important changes


of employees are not engaged at work, mainly citing micromanagement


of CEOs have a high level of confidence in their leadership pipeline

If culture eats strategy before breakfast; then leadership eats culture for dinner. The quality of your people’s leadership provides the bedrock for the quality of your working environment.

Transform your workplace into a high-performing environment where people love to give their best by investing in the highest quality leadership development available.

leadership development programme

Trusted by global leaders

We assist many organisations, elevating their leaders to new levels of performance effectiveness.

Transform leadership
and catalyse growth

Navigate any challenge and foster adaptive, resilient leadership. Elevate your organisation from within.

Build a bigger vision

Build a
bigger vision

Create a space where leaders dare to dream far beyond their current constraints and learn to inspire others.

Difficult conversation


Equip leaders to creatively tackle setbacks, to foster their own resilience and to adaptively solve problems.


Empowering leaders to be bold in developing innovative strategies to maximise profitability.

Elevate collaboration


Promoting empathy, elevating psychological safety, and generating powerful connections.

Strengthening team dynamics


Cultivating the ability in leaders to tune in to others to create what we call potent environments.


Inspiring leaders to take on accountability at a new level, driving breakthrough results.

Aligned team

Unify team

Aligning diverse perspectives toward a shared vision, fostering unity and collective purpose.

Retain and
attract talent

Develop an environment where talent thrives, people are trusted and feel acknowledged.

What participants will gain in a nutshell

A future where leadership transcends traditional boundaries, where individuals envision and embody a bold and purpose-driven path, drive and culture.
Effective leadership is founded on the art of communication, with listening as its cornerstone. We develop participants’ ability to listen generously and generatively, fostering empathy and connection. This promotes inclusion, respect, and amplifying the leader’s ability to inspire and guide with impact.
We guide participants in crafting bold personal visions. We help them recognise where they limit themselves in what they see as possible, and we help them create ‘breakthrough’ goals that expands their impact beyond their immediate area of expertise.
Our programmes encourage self-reflection through exploring thought-provoking perspectives on leadership. Participants develop a greater level of appreciation for the ‘space’ they create around them. This helps leaders to become more authentic and self-aware in their communication and inspires lasting positive change within themselves and their teams.
We equip leaders to re-examine their current circumstances and find new perspectives. We help people learn how to separate interpretations from facts; to come up from the dancefloor and onto the balcony. This opens up new pathways forward and new sources of opportunity in any situation.
Participants learn to ask powerful questions, provide constructive feedback and cultivate an environment that calls people forward to take up self-accountability. By embracing coaching principles, leaders not only elevate their own effectiveness but also create a culture where every team member feels supported, valued, and motivated to excel.

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    Proudly supporting leaders and teams, creating a new way of thinking that elevates performance.

    Success lies in your most valuable resource: your people.

    At FirstHuman, we help you build an organisation that maximises your people’s abilities, allowing you to expand what is possible and execute your strategy effectively whilst building sustained high performance.

    13 years

    in the leadership development business

    65 years

    combined experience coaching executives


    of our work comes from referrals and recommendations


    of participants quote insights that provide a new level of performance
    Leadership development team

    Meet the team

    Oddi Aasheim

    Richard Atherton

    Phillida Fleming

    Gary Borland

    Leadership development approach

    Our approach

    We engage participants in deep enquiries, asking key questions around what it takes to build powerful human connections, provide leadership and mobilise organisations into action that produces a new level of results.

    We do not teach answers to these questions, but rather present thought-provoking views that lead to an exploration causing powerful personal insights and opens up new choices available around who they want to be and their leadership.

    Our approach is firmly rooted in human transformation, prioritising a profound shift in individuals. This unique perspective enables us to adeptly navigate any challenges, fostering adaptive and resilient leaders.

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      Programmes typically span over three to six months and includes three to four residential sessions, each lasting three days. This format allows for immersive learning during the sessions, complemented by ongoing engagement throughout the duration of the program.
      We tend to work with groups of twelve to sixteen people in a single cohort. For larger groups, we can work with multiple cohorts symultaneously.
      We provide individual sessions with the Leading Extraordinary Performance™ open programme. You can learn more here.
      FirstHuman programme team

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      Gary Borland


      The world is transformed by self-aware, committed people who stand for a new future, lead from a position of conviction and not fear, and who understand the power of unlocking the capabilities and potential of their people. I have the incredible privilege of partnering with senior leaders and executives in pursuit of those futures.

      Leadership development partner

      Phillida Fleming

      Leadership Development

      If you are looking for a new capacity for performance for yourself as a leader, and for your teams, then I could be looking for you… You could join the exceptional collection of senior leaders with substantial accountability with whom I have the privilege to partner and immediately impact your actions and produce unprecedented results.

      Organisational agility​ partner

      Richard Atherton

      Organisational Agility

      I'm passionate about building great companies and helping the people who lead them - at all levels. I hold a mirror to individuals and to teams and compassionately have them own what they need to change. Are you ready to work at depth to cause the extraordinary to happen?

      Performance intervention partner

      Oddi Aasheim

      Performance Interventions

      I feel privileged getting to spend my days working with people that are up for making our world a truly exciting and fulfilling place. I partner with leaders and executives committed to transforming their organisations, develop groundbreaking strategic solutions, mobilising executive teams and organisations into passionate and purposeful action.