How to Be Extraordinary
in an Uncertain World

Discover the secrets of extraordinary leadership in our interactive masterclass.
21 August 2024
16:00 - 17:00 BST
Online, Zoom

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    An interactive masterclass

    Our seasoned coaches have a combined 65 years of coaching CEOs and senior executives at household-name organisations.
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    Gary Borland


    The world is transformed by self-aware, committed people who stand for a new future, lead from a position of conviction and not fear, and who understand the power of unlocking the capabilities and potential of their people. I have the incredible privilege of partnering with senior leaders and executives in pursuit of those futures.

    Leadership development partner

    Phillida Fleming

    Leadership Development

    If you are looking for a new capacity for performance for yourself as a leader, and for your teams, then I could be looking for you… You could join the exceptional collection of senior leaders with substantial accountability with whom I have the privilege to partner and immediately impact your actions and produce unprecedented results.

    Organisational agility​ partner

    Richard Atherton

    Organisational Agility

    I'm passionate about building great companies and helping the people who lead them - at all levels. I hold a mirror to individuals and to teams and compassionately have them own what they need to change. Are you ready to work at depth to cause the extraordinary to happen?

    Performance intervention partner

    Oddi Aasheim

    Performance Interventions

    I feel privileged getting to spend my days working with people that are up for making our world a truly exciting and fulfilling place. I partner with leaders and executives committed to transforming their organisations, develop groundbreaking strategic solutions, mobilising executive teams and organisations into passionate and purposeful action.