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Elevate collaboration, accountability and performance through world-class coaching.

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FirstHuman draws on our direct experience leading and transforming organisations through our crafted coaching engagements.


rely on us to transform their leadership.


seek us out to accelerate their HiPo’s.


of coachees are part of our leadership network.

At FirstHuman, we coach executives, run top-level development programmes, and partner with leadership teams to create ground-breaking new pathways forward. 

Our core expertise is in making new things possible for leadership teams and organisations by focusing on what leadership looks like when you are up for making something happen that goes beyond what you know how to do.

leadership development programme

Trusted by global leaders

Providing coaching services to help our clients achieve a new level of performance.

Up level your people
and catalyse growth

Equip your staff to navigate any challenge and achieve breakthrough goals. Our coaches will help your leaders:
Build a bigger vision

Build a
bigger vision

Create spaces where teams achieve beyond current constraints.

Difficult conversation


Creatively tackle setbacks, foster resilience and adaptively solve problems.


Be bold in developing innovative strategies to maximise profitability.

Elevate collaboration


Enhance their communication ability, increasing psychological safety and improve relationships.

Strengthening team dynamics


Tune in to others, fostering strong, high functioning, dynamic environments.


Take on accountability at a new level, driving breakthrough results.

Aligned team

Unify team

Align diverse perspectives toward a shared vision, fostering unity and collective purpose.

Retain and
attract talent

Develop an environment where talent thrives, people are trusted and feel acknowledged.

How coachees benefit in a nutshell

Have your staff see themselves in a new light and find levels of performance they couldn’t imagine as being possible.

Through personalised guidance and tailored strategies, coachees gain a deeper insights and understanding into their roles, unlocking their full potential to drive impactful change and innovation within their respective domains.

Facilitating a transformation of perceptions, enabling coachees to see beyond the surface and recognise the broader impact they can make. By reframing the context of their roles, coachees uncover new opportunities for growth and influence, ultimately leading to greater organisational impact and success.

Our coaching approach emphasises the importance of authentic engagement with others. Coachees learn to cultivate genuine connections and communicate with impact, fostering trust, collaboration, and synergy within their teams and across the organisation.

Through our coaching program, individuals develop a fresh perspective on responsibility, viewing it as an opportunity for growth and empowerment rather than a burden. By embracing ownership and accountability, coachees are equipped to drive meaningful change and take proactive steps towards achieving their goals.

We provide support and guidance for individuals to identify and address counterproductive behaviours that may be hindering their progress. Through targeted interventions and actionable strategies, coachees learn to overcome obstacles and cultivate habits that promote personal and professional success.

Gain valuable skills and techniques to navigate obstacles effectively, turning setbacks into opportunities for growth and development. Problem-solve and navigate challenges with innovation and resilience.

Resilience is a key focus of our coaching approach. We recognise the importance of navigating adversity with strength and determination. Coachees learn practical strategies for building resilience, enabling them to bounce back from setbacks and thrive in the face of uncertainty.

We equip individuals with the tools and skills needed to address resistance head-on, whether it arises from within themselves or from external sources. Through constructive dialogue and assertive communication, coachees learn to navigate resistance effectively, paving the way for progress and positive change.

Our coaching program emphasises the importance of holistic wellbeing, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional health. Coachees learn self-care strategies and techniques for promoting wellbeing, as well as how to support the wellbeing of others within their teams and organisations.

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    Supporting our coachees to find a new ways to be in the world, elevating confidence and performance.

    At FirstHuman, we help you build an organisation that maximises your abilities, allowing you to expand what is possible, executing your strategy effectively whilst building sustained high performance.

    13 years

    in business coaching & people development

    65 years

    combined experience coaching executives


    of our work comes from referrals and recommendations


    of participants experience a new level of performance
    Leadership development team

    Meet the team

    Oddi Aasheim

    Richard Atherton

    Phillida Fleming

    Gary Borland

    Leadership development approach

    Our approach

    We take a bespoke, collaborative approach to achieve breakthrough goals, tailoring how we engage with you to accommodate your unique set of circumstances and how your company works.

    Our team do not rely on templates or standard practices. We work closely with you to discover transformative insights, providing business owners, leaders, managers and employees the tools to achieve breakthrough results.

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      asked questions

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      Our embedded business coaching approach is uniquely designed to provoke deep and transformative reflection, helping coachees to examine and unpack their everyday challenges, beliefs, and ideas. Through powerful, revelatory questions, they are encouraged to dive deep into their own thought processes and explore new and innovative approaches to leadership and problem-solving.
      We usually work with individuals between three and twelve months
      We work with senior leaders and high-potential individuals who the company believes would benefit from further development.

      Each and every project we work on is different, which is why we don’t have set prices. It all starts with a conversation, please contact us to arrange a call today.

      FirstHuman programme team

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      Gary Borland


      The world is transformed by self-aware, committed people who stand for a new future, lead from a position of conviction and not fear, and who understand the power of unlocking the capabilities and potential of their people. I have the incredible privilege of partnering with senior leaders and executives in pursuit of those futures.

      Leadership development partner

      Phillida Fleming

      Leadership Development

      If you are looking for a new capacity for performance for yourself as a leader, and for your teams, then I could be looking for you… You could join the exceptional collection of senior leaders with substantial accountability with whom I have the privilege to partner and immediately impact your actions and produce unprecedented results.

      Organisational agility​ partner

      Richard Atherton

      Organisational Agility

      I'm passionate about building great companies and helping the people who lead them - at all levels. I hold a mirror to individuals and to teams and compassionately have them own what they need to change. Are you ready to work at depth to cause the extraordinary to happen?

      Performance intervention partner

      Oddi Aasheim

      Performance Interventions

      I feel privileged getting to spend my days working with people that are up for making our world a truly exciting and fulfilling place. I partner with leaders and executives committed to transforming their organisations, develop groundbreaking strategic solutions, mobilising executive teams and organisations into passionate and purposeful action.